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Its been a while, and what a while its been!

Its been a while, and what a while its been! Where to start, where to start. Lava Bombs, 22 volcanic fissures, 8 mile lava flow, earthquakes, glowing red skies all night, toxic air and just today a close pass by from Hurricane Hector. I have now givin you an update since my last post LMAO!.

It all started with darn near constant earthquakes. By constant, I mean 24 hours a day for about 5 days Nothing major at first. Slight rumbles that raise the blood pressure and make ya look around. Some so slight you would only notice by water in a glass that would vibrate. It was all kinda a joke to start. “I think we had an earthquake” over the 5 days the earthquakes became stronger, more alarming.

To better understand why earthquakes are more nerve wracking than in other places, I feel the need to explain earthquakes here on The Big Island of Hawaii. Hawaii does not sit on active tectonic plates. Normally, earthquakes happen because tectonic plates rub or grind against each other. In doing so send out a shockwave of vibrations that travels through the earth.
Here in Hawaii, earthquakes are caused by magma from one of the active volcanoes on the island moves. this moving magma causes vibrations much the same way as tectonic plates rubbing or grinding against each other. So, if you feel an earthquake you know its gonna come out somewhere at some point. When the earthquakes are constant, that’s a pretty good sign lava is gonna come out of the ground somewhere.

Sure enough! Here in the Pahoa area cracks in the ground started to develop. A sure sign of the ground expanding due to pressure from under ground. At first no big deal. then steam starts to come out of the cracks.
Here in lower Puna, we have what is called the East Rift zone. basically, its an area that the volcano is splitting apart. Because the rock in these zones are weak, its an easy place for magma to come to the surface. To learn more detail about this, or for a better understanding. Please visit The University of Hilo’s website “Natural Hazards Big Island

I’m sure at this point in this post you’ve figured out that the magma did come out of the ground. It did. First we had one fissure open and let out massive amounts of gas, then others opened doing the same. Civil Defense started evacuating people from their homes. Some of these people were told to leave with little if any notice. Some were trying to come home after a long days work and were told they could not. It was really hysteria.


As more fissures opened, let out a little lava, died and new ones opened most of us living in this area became very concerned about a Thermal electric plant. It turned out that even though lava was creeping toward the plant there was shortages of equipment to prepare the plant for such a occasion. There was huge amounts of highly explosive gas stored on the plant property. They did manage with the states help manage to get all the gas out. But there is also the issue of the holes drilled down into the lava known as wells. No lava has never anywhere in the world flowed over these wells. Plus, the wells here on Hawaii are different than all the other plants. the way I understand it, normally the plants use the heat generated by the earth. Here in Hawaii, the heat comes from magma stored in the rift zone. This lava was stored under ground from a 1955 eruption in this same area. They did seal the wells and all seems to be ok…. so far.

Lava Glow 2018

Here comes the lava! Just a little at first. Then, A missive amount comes boiling out of fissure 8. It was coming out in such a large volume, it created a 8 mile long raised lava flow to the ocean. Now this was not the slow moving kind. No, this lava was flowing like the fastest flowing river of water you can ever imagine. A side effect of all that lava flowing to the ocean was a red sky. Every night, all night the sky glowed an orangish red. It was so bright 2 miles from the lava flow, that the inside of the house was glowing red to even with curtains and blinds. It was like living next to a brothel for 3 months. In that 3 months, over 700 homes to lost to the lava. Kopoho tidal pools: GONE. Ahalanui Park(hot ponds): GONE! Pohoiki Boat Ramp(Isaac Hale Beach Park): still there but lava is 200ft away. Red Road: DAMAGED! It been a rough 3 months here in lower Puna.

Then we have this hurricane Hector growing and building strength as it approaches the Hawaiian islands. 130mph winds and lots of rain. The really ironic thing is that fissure 8 4 days ago stopped spewing so much lava and its just a trickle coming out now. Which was a good thing as many were sweating lava and a hurricane.

Hector turned out to be all hype no action. Woke today expecting to get hit by at least a tropical storm winds and rain but it was not to be. Hector decided to stay some 200 miles south of the big island of Hawaii. we did get some rain today just no major wind. I am happy about that though.


Pro Solar Hawaii sues consumer for negative review.

Pro Solar Hawaii sues consumer for negative review. Why –  Pro Solar Hawaii is not only suing me for my blogs. NOPE. They want to sue me for my post to Yelp and other reviews online of the service Pro Solar Hawaii offers. Believe it or not… I have also made Yelp aware of this matter. Will also be contacting all the places I have left a review of Pro Solar Hawaii and let them all know that Pro Solar Hawaii is trying to shut me up for the reviews I have left of them.

As far as I am concerned, This will be a great way to have Pro Solar Hawaii swear to tell the truth….

Read more and see the full post here:  Pro Solar Hawaii sues consumer for negative review.

Drug neighborhoods here on the Big Island of Hawaii?


There was a conversation I was having the other day about what represents a drug neighborhood here on the Big Island of Hawaii? Clearly there are some that are far worse than others. There are some that were really bad in past years and today are not really even in the top 10. Every one living here has their idea of what is a drug neighborhood. Some are hung up on neighborhoods that were really bad 10 years ago. Yet live in neighborhoods that ARE REALLY bad now.

Here are a couple recent stories of drug busts from the Big Island:

Pahoa man charged with drug, firearms offenses – By JOHN BURNETT Hawaii Tribune-Herald
A 55-year-old Pahoa man is facing numerous drug and firearms charges. A Hilo grand jury indicted Jack Marshall Brenha on March 7 for first-, second- and third-degree promotion of a dangerous drug, second-degree marijuana possession, two counts of possessing drug paraphernalia, four counts of being a felon in possession of a firearm and a single count of being a felon in possession of ammunition. (full story here)

Eight Arrested in Kona Drug Busts – By Big Island Now
Officers from a Special Enforcement Unit, Kona Community Policing, Area II Vice and Kona Patrol, served a search warrant at a property in the 76-6200 block of Ali‘i Drive, the Hawai‘i Policed Department reported on Wednesday, Nov. 29, 2017.Upon executing the warrant, a Special Enforcement Unit recovered marijuana, meth, heroin, illegal pills and drug paraphernalia. (full story here)

HPD Makes Arrest in Ocean View – By Big Island Now
The Hawaiʻi Police Department received a complaint of individuals trespassing in a residence at the 8400 block of Koa Lane in Ocean View on Thursday, Jan. 25, 2018, at 10:30 a.m. Police learned that a caretaker discovered evidence of someone living in a residence he was caring for without permission and asked the police for assistance in checking the property. Police found 31-year-old Cazanova Turner and 21-year-old Ana Rosa in residence along with a one-year-old male child. The investigation of the property lead to the discovery of 47 marijuana plants ranging in size from seedlings to about four feet. (full story here)

As we were talking about what represents a drug neighborhood here on the Big Island of Hawaii, it was mutually agreed that every neighborhood on the Big island of Hawaii is a drug neighborhood. It all really depends on what represents a drug neighborhood to you. Just because this is Hawaii does not mean it does not have all the same issues as any other neighbor hood anywhere else.

Besides, if really want to be honest, when you include alcohol (it’s a drug folks!). The alcohol offenses can be found not only in the neighbor hoods. It’s almost every road on the island. Look at the police blotter and see the phenomenal number of DUI and DWI offences and you would believe that nobody is sober here.. lol

What’s the weather like in Hawaii this time of year?

What’s the weather like in Hawaii this time of year? Wet, cool, humid, dreary. If I am completely honest with you. It has rained so much since the first of March that a short sudden downpour will flood my yard of lava. The worst part is that so many days of rainy humid weather leaves all fabric feeling damp. I may sound strange but coming out to the living room in the morning and your first reaction after sitting down is that the fabric is wet. sometimes you can even get clothes out and they feel slightly damp.

Honestly, it’s not as bad as i make it sound. It seems as bad as it sounds after weeks of almost nonstop rain. I would really have it rain a lot now and be much drier all summer. Not that it’s ever really dry. If you’ve ever stumbled upon any of my other posts, you know that it seems to be 65-80% humidity all the time. It is the tropics though. Its 100% better than dealing with snow.

Funny thing about snow. You may know that in the winter here on the big Island, have snow in the winter at the top of Mauna kea. Really, Believe it or not. See Mauna Kea is a dormant volcano that has its top at 14,000 feet above sea level. Having such a height, in the winter they can have winter storm, blizzard and icy conditions. You can drive all the way to the top if you have a 4×4. It you don’t, you can only drive as far as the visitor center.

The visitor’s center is still pretty cool to visit, and is a must if you are going all the way to the top where the telescopes are. The visitors center has all kinds of cool things to tell you about Mauna kea. They also, at night offer telescopes so you see the what the professional astronomers see… Just not with as powerful telescope. You can learn more at The Visitor Information Station Here.

There are a couple of things to remember if you are going to go to the top of Mauna kea. The first thing to remember is that it is cold up there. Bring warm clothes. In the winter you will need arctic clothing..lol The other thing to remember is that you are going up to 14.,000 ft above sea level so the air is going to be with like, 50% less oxygen. If you are going to go all the way to the top, You will want to stop at the visitor center to get used to the low oxygen air for 30 mins. Dont skip this 30 min stop. It might save your life.

Enough about the cold. I’m getting cold just typing about it. Mostly the weather is pretty good. It’s never really too hot where I live and my house has no air conditioning, it’s really not needed. There is a cool breeze that blows pretty much all the time. Granted that it does not always blow on you, but if you are still for a few moments the breeze will find you.
The weather although right now, is still perfect. Maybe on the cool side. But perfect.



My favorite place to visit on The Big Island of Hawaii

I have lived here for almost 4 years now, and I have developed my favorite places to visit on The Big Island Of Hawaii. Below is a small list of places I like to visit. There are so many extraordinary places to visit here on The Big Island. To list them all, and tell you about them, and why they are great, would take all day. There are just too many places to visit that are worthy of a whole post of their own.

My favorite place to visit on The Big Island of Hawaii is a place that is not always a place worthy of visiting. Does that sound crazy? It is I guess, in a way. See my favorite place to visit is at this point (03/10/2018) is nothing to see really. Let me explain. My favorite place to visit for a couples years now, has been the lava flowing into the ocean down in Hawaii Volcano National Park. More about this later in the post. Yet, there is not many awe inspiring events you get to witness live that will leave you speechless for hours if you are not careful

Before I get to carried away, let me tell you more about this spot. To get where the lava is flowing into the ocean it is a 8 mile round trip walk/ bike from the parking area in Kalapana. There no trees for shade and you will be surrounded by past lava flows now black and laying in the sun. You can even see the heat radiating off the top of the lava. That’s lava as far as you can see. well, you are walking along the coast. So, its not black heat radiating lava as far as you can see all around you. Its only lava as far as you can see halfway around you. lol There are portable bathrooms about half way to the flow. Otherwise, no trees, or 7-11’s. You need to bring with you water, food, tissue, flashlight, rain jacket, real shoes (not sandals), long pants, backpack, camera, sense of adventure. It is worth knowing that the parking area to go to the lava flow does not open until late in the afternoon. Depending on the time of year, it will be dark within a few hours of arriving. This means the sun will set before you start walking back. Yes, your walk back to the parking lot will be after dark

I personally ride my bike to the lava flow from the parking lot. It is a fair amount easier going to and from the flow by bike than on foot.  The one thing I should mention is, to get to the lava, you will need to walk just a bit further over the black lava to reach a viewing point on the coast. Yeah, its not really just an 8 mile hike/ bike. Once you are close to the flow you need to walk a few hundred yards from the road to the coast. It is important to find a place to sit at a slightly higher elevation than right on the coast. This will give you an unobstructed view of the glowing lava.

Now, if you are super adventurous, and only if you are. You walk about 2 miles inland from the coast and you can view red/orange gooey lava flow across lava. it moves pretty slow. No need to be too fearful of it. Still, its really an awe inspiring thing to see live and in person. This lava flowing over the old lava varies in location and is always best to check out the HVO lava flow map for details.

I myself find that when I am at the lava flow, time kinda melts away. I find that when I think I have only been sitting or standing there for a few mins. It turns out that I have been there for an hour. Its really a crazy feeling. I am sure you have had this feeling at some point in your life. A lot of people will crowd up to the rope keeping people out of unsafe areas. I guess its a matter of getting as close as you can to the flow, maybe? I never mess with that. I most often go to a peak a couple yards from the ropes. Its more private, kinda.. lol At times it can get very crowded in this viewing area.

I’ll tell ya, my thing is that I like to pack a bunch of munchies and drink sit there and listen to the people see it for the first time. Yes, it is that spectacular! My first time seeing it I know was saying things like, “HOLY COW! Call someone. The center of the earth is leaking out!”.  I like to tell people that have taken to visit the flow that I compare watching the lava like a campfire. You know how when your camping and there’s a fire, and everyone just sits ands stares at the glow of the fire?? If so, that’s what it s like.

After it gets dark is the best time to be there. The glow from the lava turns the whole area around you a warm orange.  Again, like when you sit across from someone around a campfire. Sometimes as you sit and contemplate life, your choices, your future, There will be little mini explosions at the flow. I mean you always have the hiss of the lava and water coming in contact with each other. These mini explosions as I understand are little pockets of methane or some kind of explosive gas similar. They hit the lava and boom. Now I call them mini explosions, truth be told they can at times be big ones too.

When the lava first started flowing into the ocean, it had slowly built up a shelf of new ground it was a large amount, like 40 acres. I think. its was cool to see the lava come bubbling up out of the water. It really makes you realize that your an Insignificant blimp on an enormous whatever..lol After a while. I don’t remember how long ot was, The self that built up had broke off. When this happened, the lava came flowing outta the cliff like a fire hose. It was a huge about of lava. when this happened it made the whole experience something different. I know there are pics here, but it really does not do the event justice

After I have visited the lava flow a few times I had noticed that what I contemplate had changed. I find that once I am out there on the lava basking in the glow of Pele. I just keep fantasizing that I am siting here for the millions of years that this exact thing would happen, and can watch the Hawaiian island form. Look, you can laugh and tell me not to get so high before heading out there..lol  its all good. But, its the truth. I really get the feeling of well being while I am there.

Before you start looking at hotel and airfare to Hawaii. I must tell you that at the moment, the lava is not flowing into the ocean. It might start flowing into the ocean again, but for now no. You can always get the latest news about the Volcano and lava flow at the  Hawaiian Volcano Observatory (HVO) website.



55th Annual Merrie Monarch 2018

The Merrie Monarch Festival is always a very busy time in Hilo every year. This year will be the 55th year this festival has been held. If you have never heard of, don’t know what the Merrie Monarch Festival is. It is what I call a festival of Hula. I understand that’s for people who practice hula, it is like the world championship of hula competition. It is really a fascinating festival to participate in. Even if it’s just to watch the events or, shop.

Now that I have lived in Hawaii for a few years, It now understand it really is the most wonderful time of the year here on the Big island of Hawaii. I must confess that I do not have the time to attend all the events or see all the live Hula dances. I have to tell you that if your idea of Hula is a smoking hot female dancing around in a grass skirt with a coconut bra, you really need to educate yourself. lol Hula is really story telling through dance. At least that’s how see it. I also really dig the music that goes with it. The blend of sound with the Ipu and the chants when I close my eyes makes me feel as though I have transported back in time.

There is more than just hula at Merrie Monarch Festival. There are phenomenal food and craft vendors. One of my favorites of all the vendors are the handmade flower and Ti leis. The colors and smells just take you to a magical place emotionally. For me, the best leis are the plumiria ones. The white and yellow plumiria are just a pleasing color combination. Then there’s the smell. If a lei of plumiria flowers around your neck, and the smell they give off, does not make you feel tranquil.. There must be something wrong..lol

The food. Ohhhh, the food. Living here on the Big Island of Hawaii, the traditional Hawaiian foods are always available. But nothing like the offerings at Merrie Monarch Festival. With everything I normally eat during the festival, I gain 8 pounds of weight per day, I attend the festival. Best tasting weight you will ever put on. lol About the only traditional food I am not a fan of is Poi. No matter how much I try eating it. I cannot get the thought of elementary school library paste.

Every year when it’s Merrie Monarch Festival time, all the hotels fill up. It can even be hard to find just a room for rent during Merrie Monarch Festival. There are people who arrive from all over the world. Lot’s of them! Not only do you have the Hula dancers from all of the world. You also have all the spectators coming to attend. It is really very rare that Hilo feels like a big city. But with the exception of when the cruise ships pull in to port and the passengers get off and explore. The Merrie Monarch Festival makes this small town feel huge! Part of the issue with getting a room is that the Hilo area does not have a lot of resorts or large number of hotels. Not many normally stay in Hilo, in my opinion, because there are not really big sand beaches to lay on in this area. I could be wrong of course.

It is an exciting time to be in Hilo Hawaii while the Merrie Monarch Festival takes place!

To end this novel,  if you would like to learn more about the 2017 Merrie Monarch Festival<- visit the Merrie Monarch Festival Site


Growing and Smoking Cannabis In Hawaii

I get many people contacting me to post an update to my previous post “Smoking weed in Hawaii“.  Maholo for your support..lol

Where to begin..? Recreational use of cannabis is not legal here on the islands of Hawaii. I do not care what you heard. I’m not saying its hard to find, at least here on the big island. If when you are out and about on the island you don’t catch a whiff of good cannabis burning at least once during your day, something is wrong.

The only option that is legal here in Hawaii is if your doctor prescribes cannabis as a medicine. Aka: Medical Marijuana. I’m not gonna go on a whole rant about the medical marijuana rules, requirements, and all that stuff. If you don’t know the basics of medical marijuana, I am sorry. I am not going to give the whole smear here.. But, for Hawaii laws on medical cannabis. see the State of Hawaii medical marijuana program page.

I do, by coincidence, have a valid HI 329 card (only showing back of card). I also from time to time grow a crop or two. Honestly, I only grow a couple plants each summer. Its pretty easy to grow monster plants here in the summer. This of course only applies to the right strain. I grow my cannabis outdoors. Ok, I start them under lights, finish them outdoors. It is also the only way I could have medical cannabis until recently.  Its a lot cheaper than buying at one of the few dispensaries.

Living in an area where we have no dirt, all we have is lava, and crushed lava. lol Growing here in my area of Hawaii is a situation where you either grow in pots, raised beds, or what I do. I carve out holes in the lava with a jack hammer and fill the holes with Hawaiian topsoil, cow manure, compost from my compost pile, and bone meal. Now, I want to make clear that cannabis is not all I grow. I have the normal garden stuff, tomatoes, peppers, watermelons, etc. I just rotate. tomatoes till done, then cannabis. you get the idea, I guess/hope.

I have talked about growing in the summer here in Hawaii on the big island. Truth is you can grow year round outdoors here. It’s just that in the winter, the finished buds will be much smaller. The other issue growing here is, humidity. As of this moment, its been raining here for 4 weeks almost none stop. Sometimes even very heavy rain. Before I get messages telling me I should grow under cover, in a greenhouse, blah, blah, blah.. Done them all. I do cover with clear 6mil tarps. when budding gets going good. Still does not change much when the humidity is 80+ for weeks on end. The buds get close.. Just not 100% a lot of the time. As often as not, your buds will mold before being completely mature. With indica dominant verity fairing worse than sativa.

Now I should be clear. What I typed above was my growing environment. There are 8 climate zones of the 13 zones worldwide. Here on the big island of Hawaii I live in the “continually wet zone”. You can learn more at: “The 8 (not 10, 11, 12 or 13 ) climate zones on the Big Island of Hawaii” Others, do have conditions more forgiving conditions, thereby better results than I do. Warm and wet year round… Not the best growing environment for cannabis for a verity of strains.

<—- Sensi Seeds Purple Bud from summer 2017 AKA: The Monster

Flowering Time Outdoor: 70 – 80 Days
Strength / Lasting Effect: Not overwhelming, lasts about 3 hours
Yield: Dry summer – Phenomenal Wet summer – Good
Bugs / Fungus: Avg. on bugs. Powdery mildew is fairly common and bud mold shows most often at 3/4 way to mature bud.

I’m going to tell you about an indica/sativa mixed strain called Purple Bud – by Sensi Seeds. I have found that it can swing between smelling like skunk and candy pretty good from seed to seed as it finishes. It will clone supper easy, loves to be grown organically, and produces monster harvests with relative ease. My biggest gripe about this strain is that I have never seen it turn purple as sensi seeds says it does in 3 years of growing it, from seed. I have taken clones up the side of the volcano too much cooler climates, still never turns purple as Sensi Seeds claims. Purple Bud Feminized

This post is about growing and smoking, no? Let’s get to the smoking, eating part. Due to limits on the amount I am allowed to have, I am forced to turn all but the bestest of the best buds into other things like, hash, candy, oil, etc. Not a complaint, just a fact.  I know many were thinking after reading above, that after a harvest there’s giant bags of bud hanging around. Sadly, no. Some cannabis medicinal work better for my arthritis on some days than others. Smoking is not always my go to for pain relief. I am sure if you are using cannabis as a medicine, you know fully what I am talking about.

As I am sure you are thinking, “do you make extracts?” The short answer is yes. My favorite is making bubble hash.  Can take 224 grams of bud, leaf and get 20 grams of awesome bubble hash. What I love about making bubble hash is that you can take it and extract in alcohol, coconut oil, whatever!  Of course a little crumbled in your morning coffee is brilliant!

I very, very, much enjoy making gummy bears and lollipops outta what I harvest, Plus, as I typed before, I need to stay within my legal limits. Coconut oil and or bubble hash works best for me. I mostly use a lot of coconut oil. Its one of the best was to temporary relive muscle/ joint pain. Just use as a lotion. Bonus: it smells like suntan lotion.. lol Cant do candy all the time, but its fun to have the candy edibles every now and then when possible. It is very much a treat.

Before I am asked – No, I do not distribute any cannabis products of any kind to any person living or dead, at any place on the planet, for any reason at all. All photos of cannabis and cannabis product are for my personal legal use in the State of Hawaii, as allowed by law.

Well, that’s about all I have to post for now. Kinda burned out on all the typing. Never fear though, I am going to end this post with me chopping down THE MONSTER July 2017. Malama Pono!


Still problems with Pro Solar HawaII!

Today 2/28/2018 13:43 HST Ryan Thompson and Pro solar Hawaii did the most desperate, idiotic, childish, dumb thing I have ever personally experienced a sole proprietor of a business do.  But, lets have a brief review of what lead up to this big event.

First off, Ryan Thompson is the sole proprietor of Pro solar Hawaii a company I contracted with to install a PV solar system on my house. Just so we’re clear on the matter,  if you have not followed this blog and just found this page.

Out of the blue, back at the end of May 2017 Ryan Thompson of Pro solar Hawaii decided he/they had issue with my posts about his company from 2015.. that’s right, long ago. Both on this blog and my other reviews of the service he offered as a licensed contractor in the state of Hawaii, on yelp, etc. He posted a extremely slanderous and highly defamatory comment about me that was so untrue, and shocking, and so gross yelp removed it.  It was not in response to my review of his service, it was on a review i made of another business on yelp. He pestered that business so much with his extremely slanderous and highly defamatory comment. I really am shocked they didn’t have a lawyer send him letters.

But he does not stop there.. oh, NO! He started posting even worse extremely slanderous and highly defamatory comments to this very blog. Stuff so bad it would have had search engines label this very blog as a porn/ adult site, had it been searched by the bots in the very short time it was posted. Were not just talking about one comment either. There were many of them here on the blog.

At this point the extremely slanderous and highly defamatory comments from this blog and Yelp had to be handled by an attorney. It was well beyond just delete or ignore. The attorney was adamant that what Ryan Thompson of Pro solar Hawaii did was a clear case of Defamation “per se”. This is a very serious rule in law. It is a type of slander or libel under the law that allows for lawsuits of the claim without the need to show damages, or that anyone else ever read it! That’s something to really ponder.. (nervous lol here) So, yes there’s still problems with Pro Solar Hawaii!


It was suggested at my attorney’s office to take the case to a courtroom. But I decided to just have a cease and desist letter for now to see if that would get him to stop. I have 2 years from the first offence to be in a court room with him for my defamation damages. My attorney at that time advised me that the best way to get Ryan Thompson of Pro solar Hawaii to stop this vile extremely slanderous and highly defamatory harassment is to just delete the posts. Not because I have posted anything unlawful or defamatory of Ryan Thompson, but because that’s the best way to get him to stop. Also, that I should stop my on going review of Pro solar Hawaii’s service as it is/was my experience – real life. Again, yes, there’s still problems with Pro Solar Hawaii!

Ryan Thompson of Pro solar Hawaii sadly did not stop.  Yet, I have not kept this blog updated of all the things I have found wrong with his service, or even the huge events that will prove my pending case against Pro solar Hawaii and/or Ryan Thompson. This of course if Ryan Thompson and/or Pro solar Hawaii and myself cannot come to a settlement before then. I’m hopeful. But not holding my breath.

Moving right along. On Sunday  2/25/2017 I received a voicemail, and sad drama filled emails. The thing that is the funniest/sad about these emails is that Ryan Thompson of Pro solar Hawaii has lied to me sooooo much… you get the idea.

His ultimate goal, was not to solve the issues with his atrocious install of the PV system on my home. It was to get me to remove these blog posts that is a review of Pro solar Hawaii’s service. Forget that the guy attempts to call me by phone even after being told repeatedly in writing, not to call/txt me, all contact is to be in writing.

Though, I did offer him a pathway to settle with me on this blog. I also used clear, easy to understand words, as to what the pathway forward was to settle my claim of defamation “per se”. I did not get any response “yea” or “nay”.. nothing. Which is ok. I’m in no way sure, confident, whatever ya wanna call it. He would honor a settlement that did not include a judge and a courtroom behind it.

Back to today 2/28/2018 and the most desperate, idiotic, childish, dumb thing I have ever personally experienced a sole proprietor of a business do. Ryan Thompson of Pro solar Hawaii, I’m guessing in a rage, or maybe desperation, who the heck knows how this guy thinks?! Decides to go to a police station and bother them with his irritation. Or, upsetness of his big mean customer’s little ole blog detailing just how screwed up the install of his PV system on his customer’s house is. Also, what its been like to deal with Ryan Thompson and Pro solar Hawaii.

I swear! Ya, cant make this stuff up….. I get a call from a very professional police officer telling me basically that Ryan Thompson is complaining about my blog and its posts. Of course it was not a matter that the police deal with and that it must be handled in a civil case. But what a waste of the polices time and money. D’uh! how does a business owner not know this???? Check out my review of Pro solar Hawaii’s service if you just stumbled on this post. Know that all the information including the most important information is not posted here. This is because of the pending case against Ryan Thompson and Pro solar Hawaii. Its just better not to reveal all your cards before they are ready to play.

Darn right, there is still problems with Pro solar Hawaii!

To read more of my issues with Pro Solar Hawaii on the new blog dedicated just to this matter: A journal of dealing with Pro Solar Hawaii from a ripped off customer.

Review: ProSolar Hawaii



Quick review:  Run away from Pro Solar Hawaii As fast as you can!

Pro Solar Hawaii seemed like a good company on the face. Went to their site, A+ Better Business Bureau accreditation This is a plus. Lots of great reviews on the Pro Solar Hawaii site, Think they are fake ones, based on my experience with Pro Solar Hawaii. Great sales guy, not doubt, he is good at sales. But, this is about all I have good to say about Pro Solar Hawaii. But, let me tell you a story about my experience buying a solar system from Pro Solar Hawaii.

Please note: This is my experience as I can prove with real physical evidence, and am living it. Pro Solar Hawaii does not agree with my account.

First let me say that I filed a complaint with Better Business Bureau and it is Complaint: 10558906 You can see all of Pro Solar Hawaii’s responses and all my filings in this matter at the BBB website: http://www.bbb.org/hawaii/business-reviews/solar-energy-system-design-and-installation/pro-solar-hawaii-in-kailua-kona-hi-27001067/Complaints#breakdown


Pro Solar Hawaii,as noted on the business card they provided to me located at 68-1845 Walkoloa Road, Suite 106 PMB 145, Walkoloa, Hawaii 96738, or,  74-5565 Luhia Street, #105, Kailua-Kona, Hawaii 96704 which is the address provided by Better Business Bureau and their website as Pro Solar Hawaii’s current address. I might add there are other addresses for them I later found out. I initially contacted Pro Solar in June, 2014 requesting information about purchasing a solar system for my home located on the big island of Hawaii. I spoke with Mr. Brayton Anthony (cool dude.), a salesman for Pro Solar Hawaii and an appointment was arranged at my home. Present at the meeting with Mr. Anthony was myself and my mother. Mr. Anthony explained in detail to us how the system would work, how it would be installed and the exact procedures from start to completion. Both my mother and I asked numerous questions relevant to the operation of the system and about the reputation of Pro Solar Hawaii. Mr. Anthony answered all of our questions to our satisfaction (dude is the salesman though). He then sent me a proposal by mail on July 30, 2014. I accepted the proposal on July 31, 2014 for a 5.12kw PV solar system which Pro Solar Hawaii would supply and install at a total cost of $ 19,995.00. Pro Solar Hawaii will provide all materials, hardware, supplies, permits and supervision to install a complete working solar system. I received a letter from HELCO (Hawaii Electric Light Company) dated August 19, 2014 which stated, in part, that my application for a net metering agreement had been accepted, the circuit capacity for the size of the system applied for had been reserved in the NEM queue and that my application was placed in their pending files. .

Mr. Anthony contacted me by phone to tell me of the HELCO approval and that the Pro Solar Hawaii installation engineers would contact me to begin installation of the system. At that time I inquired of Mr. Anthony about documents relating to owner’s manuals, warranty and Federal/State rebates.   I was told that information would be forthcoming. I heard nothing from Pro Solar Hawaii until they called to tell me installation would begin on October 10, 2014 and the Pro Solar installation engineers began installing the solar panels and invertor on that date. When they completed the installation, I asked for details about the system, specifically whether I could turn the system on or whether I had to wait for HELCO to install a new meter, as Mr. Anthony had described to me and as verified in HELCO’s August 19, 2014 letter. The engineers told me the system was on and I was to leave the system on and the current meter would run backwards to credit my usage. I asked how I would know that the invertor was working and he showed me the invertor and told me it showed that it was in working order. When I asked about the owner’s manual, warranty certificate, the engineer said I should have already received them and that he would let the owner know that they were never given to me. I paid the final amount due by check to the installation engineers, but did not receive a receipt as I had previously received for the other installments. From the time of the installation, I have not realize any savings from the system.

On October 29, 2014, I emailed Mr. Anthony again requesting the owner’s manual, warranty certificate and rebate information. I also told him that I was concerned that I was not seeing any savings or that the system was producing energy. I did not receive a response to this email, nor any subsequent emails. At this point I was beginning to feel as if I had been scammed and neither emails nor phone calls to Pro Solar Hawaii were providing me with any information. My next contact with Pro Solar was on January 12, 2015. Without any prior arrangement, Ryan Thompson, the owner of Pro Solar Hawaii came to my home and wanted to do work on the system. I asked him to explain to me what he was doing, but he only told me that the power would be turned off for approximately an hour while he worked on the invertor. I again asked about the owner’s manual, warranty certificate and did not receive a reply.   I also asked about not seeing any savings on my electric bill within the 3 months the system had been installed. Mr. Thompson told me that HELCO must be rejecting my feed into the grid and upon my questioning what needed to be done, he did not elaborate as to what would be the solution.

After working for approximately 10 minutes on the system, he told me that the invertor was not working because there was a part missing, of which he was not previously aware. He told me that he would return on January 14, 2015 to install the missing part. January 14, 2015 came and went, and Mr. Thompson did not show up, nor did I receive any phone call or email to say he would not arrive and to arrange another date. Based on Mr. Thompson’s statement to me that he believed HELCO was rejecting my feed into the grid, I contacted HELCO. They explained to me that the system was definitely not to be turned on until such time as HELCO changed the meter, and that the present meter would not run backwards. When asked when they would install the meter, I was told by HELCO that we were in a queue. To date, the new meter has not been installed because Pro Solar Hawaii has not met the installation criteria set forth by HELCO. The criteria are project installation,submittal to HELCO of confirmation of County of Hawaii inspection approval and verification of invertor set point changes. None of these criteria have so far been met and Helco has a 12 month deadline for completion of the criteria.

It should be noted that Pro Solar did apply for a permit for installation from the County of Hawaii, but did not receive a final inspection approval. Based on this application, the assessment on my home and property was increased and I have been taxed accordingly, even though the system is not in operation.

On January 16, 2015, I discovered that the installation workmanship was not in accordance with what we were told by Mr. Anthony at the time I purchased the system. He told me that no hardware would be exposed and they would be installed inside my attic. He told us that all we would see on the roof would be the racks and panels. This is clearly not the case, as there are exposed screws on the roof and overhang; some of the screws have split the wood on the overhang and never repaired. It also appears that the racks were installed at an angle instead of straight. Thus, I am not at all pleased with the quality of workmanship I have so far received from Pro Solar Hawaii.  The installation does not look professionally done. At first I just assumed this was correct. many people told me it is not.

Notice how panels are attached to roof.
Now notice how the first screw was correct. Every screw after that is a little further from the correct install point.
Here is a wider view with more screws in the pic.
This pic shows how the wood was split and exposed to the Humid Puna Hawaii weather, which includes a fair amount of blowing rain.

Again, time passed with no contact from Pro Solar Hawaii and I was experiencing a great deal of frustration because i could not understand why, at that point, more than 6 months had passed since we purchased the system and our investment was producing nothing. Further, we felt it was unconscionable that Pro Solar Hawaii was not keeping us apprised of the progress of the installation. All contacts were instigated on our part, without any positive results. My mother had become particularly distraught because Pro Solar Hawaii had received the total cost of $19,995.00 in cash as they had requested, and she felt there was no incentive or sense of urgency for Pro Solar Hawaii to complete the work on our contract. She began to feel worried that Pro Solar Hawaii was taking advantage of us and that we made a huge misjudgment by contracting with Pro Solar Hawaii to install our solar system.

On February 3, 2015, I emailed Pro Solar and expressed my dissatisfaction with the work they had done, and citing our outstanding issues with them. Because I was unable to get a satisfactory response as to the status of our contract, I informed Pro Solar Hawaii that they should only contact me in writing by mail or email, and they were not to come to my property without prior arrangement in writing.

I sent Pro Solar Hawaii a certified letter reiterating my email to Pro Solar Hawaii, 74-5565 Luhia Street, #105, Kailua-Kona, Hawaii 96704 which is the address provided by Better Business Bureau and their website as Pro Solar Hawaii’s current address. The letter was returned to me as unclaimed and unable to forward by the Post Office.

On February 4, 2015, I received an email from Mr. Anthony that Mr. Thompson wanted to come to my home the following day to get my system working. I did not receive the email until late that evening and I immediately replied to Mr. Anthony by email that I did not want Mr. Thompson to work on my system until I could arrange to have a qualified third party present to monitor the work being done on my system. At that point, I no longer felt any confidence in the quality of work or in what I was being told by Pro Solar hawaii.

In this email, I also listed my issues concerning the owner’s manual, warranty certificate. I received no response to that email. The next day, February 5, 2015, at approximately 1 PM, Mr. Thompson arrived unexpectantly at my home, having ignored my request that a prior arrangement be made, and this made me feel very slighted and angry. I asked Mr. Thompson to leave my property. He retreated to the street in front of my home and attempted to converse with me, even though I was inside my home. I told him I would call the police if he did not leave, he attempted to call my bluff, and only when he saw me on the phone did he leave. It is my belief that, if I had not been home at the time he arrived, Mr. Thompson would have most probably entered my property without my permission, after being informed he could not do so.

Since that time and to the date of this posting, I have received absolutely no emails from Pro Solar hawaii. It appears they are making no effort to provide a working system as agreed to in our contract. Nor have they yet to provide me with the owner’s manual, warranty certificate and rebate information.



It has been 6 months since I purchased this system, paid for in total by cash, and I have realized no savings on my electric bill. I did not contract for sloppy workmanship and unreasonable installation delay. I feel that the final payment for my system should not have been requested by Pro Solar Hawaii until the system could be proven to be up and running.

Their lack of communication and concern to complete our contract is totally unacceptable, very deceptive and highly unprofessional. The stress caused by Pro Solar Hawaii’s negligence cannot be adequately measured, and we should not have been placed in a position by Pro Solar Hawaii to feel as if we has been treated so unfairly.

Side note about Pro Solar Hawaii: I was not shocked to find at the time of posting this, that it appers there is another  complaint. This one is for another business but owned by the same person.

Regulated Industries Complaints Office
235 S. Beretania Street
8th and 9th Floors
Honolulu, HI 96813
Tel: 808.587.4272


COMPLAINT NO:  CLB- 2013- 0294L  

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