A few facts

So here are a few facts about my moving to the big island of Hawaii.

My budget is not major. I have about $200,000.00 to do this. Not really a large amount when moving to Hawaii, but this is what i have to work with and really is enough… I hope.

The first thing i looked at was the cost to rent a place. Yep, i looked at this venue. All i really can say about this is, “I’ll keep this idea in mind for another time” rentals i was able to find are all pretty much starting at $1000 Month which, really is not that bad but outside of my monthly budget due to income i will be able make. I will need to rent at some point when i first arrive.

Buying a house. This is going to be my best option if i am going to move to Hawaii permanently. Because i have the cash there will be no need for a mortgage and thus, brings done my monthly costs each month after getting in a house. I am trying to buy something in the $150,000.00 range that is not too much, of a fixer upper.

Been looking through website of realtors on the big island and there are many real possibilities at this price range. Most houses i have seen at the $150,000.00 range have needed some work. As i am sure you are aware, depending on what area the house is, depends on how much work is needed. Everything from new walls, to just a touch of paint and a good cleaning. I am hoping that by paying cash and not having a mortgage i am going to be able to get a little nicer place.

My next consideration was an auto. If i am going to live on the big island of Hawaii i had damn well better have a 4×4 vehicle to explore the island. This is going to be a big expense that i definitely underestimated. i was under the belief that i could get a 4×4 vehicle that was not too old or had too many miles on the odometer. This i am seeing is going to run me about $25,000.00 for an not so used 4×4 vehicle. I just don’t want to be on top of a volcano and have my vehicle die on me away from paved roads. Auto insurance is going to run me about $1200/yr.

Then there is food costs to think about. For people in some areas of the US mainland the cost for food on the big island is $$$. I on the other hand, have been living in the UK for a couple years now and so, as i look through store ads and peoples stories from Hilo, i do not believe it is going to be more costly than what i am paying now here in the UK. In fact alot of items are going to be slightly cheaper.

As anyone can guess moving from the UK to Hawaii is not going to be a cheap endeavor. Right now in a quick review a flight from London UK to Hilo Hawaii one way is running about $2500. This is for a 20+ hour cheap flight with up to 3 plane changes.

Here is the interesting part though, I can fly through Asia (China, Seoul) then to Hawaii and change plane in Honolulu to Hilo on the big island. Never been to China Or South Korea before. This could be an interesting way to travel to Hawaii.

I could always just take the safe and easy route and fly from London to LAX and then head to Hilo, but that would not have so much travel to exotic lands. Although, i have been living outside of the USA for 14 years now with only 2 brief trips back to Maryland where I am from. If i take this route, i can leave London and arrive in Hilo all in the same day. That is a real bonus when you consider jet-lag and all.

Still not worked out how i am going to move all my stuff to Hawaii. I am giving away or trowing away items that just are going to cost too much to transport to Hawaii. The one exception is my bicycle. This i am just going to pay to have transported with me on the plane. This at least gives me cheap mobility around Hilo until i can work out a vehicle.

In any case it is going to be a big adventure getting to Hawaii.


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