Hawaii Lava Flow Maps

I was doing the online review of whats for sale on the big island of Hawaii when i came across a listing that said “located in zone 3”. The first thing i thought was that this was actually it was just a zone for building on the island. did not really think too much about this. Always thought that just as the State of Maryland has zones and zoning laws, Hawaii does as well.

Then i found a post somewhere, that was talking about lava flow risks. I was like, UH? I mean, i knew there was lava and all, and i knew full well that lava flows was a risk living in Hawaii. Just never really gave any thought to the fact that there might well be maps of where the highest risks were. It may sound like i am naive but just never thought about it.

There are these maps that every person should see if thinking about buying a house on the Big Island of Hawaii. These maps are called Lava Flow Maps. These show the zones rated 1 – 9 by level of risk of volcanic activity. The higher the number the lower the risk.

USGS_Hawaii_Island_Lava_Hazard_MapPhoto from: USGS

At the USGS they have these maps in greater details than i have here. I hope that you will see the USGS LAVA FLOW HAZARD ZONE MAPS and learn more on your own about these lava flow maps.

Basically they take known lava flows of the past, look at the lay of the land, then guess what any future lava flow is going to do, based on what it did in the past and that future lava flows will act the same as they did in the past in the future. See the site for a better answer as to how the figure the zones.

I sure as hell don’t want to buy a house in zone 1. I do not care how much it is. Land on the other hand, well, i could see myself just buy a chunk of property with maybe a hot spring on it.. lol

I have seen slightly lower prices on houses for sale in the zone 1 &2 areas. But not really enough to say, “oh my gosh, that’s cheap!”. So, if you are having this kind of a thought it just does not pass to reality.

I would be lying if i did not get a little bit effected by the knowledge of the lava flow maps. It learning about these maps when looking to buy a house does not scare you a little, your off. Yet, it still is not enough to keep me away. Just gonna look more closely at houses i do find.


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  1. OK . . . learn something new every day . . . yeah?


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