Food costs in Hawaii

Spending too much time reading about homes, land and real estate in general. Every house is just starting to look the same. Decided to explore the costs of food on the big island of Hawaii as well as i can online from the UK. Here is what i have found.

First off, everyone agrees that food is going to be more than people are used to in the mainland of the USA. Though, being as i am in the UK, food is expensive here as well. That said, i go into the food issue with UK prices in mind. So, i go into this not to be too excited about the prices.

Here is what i have quickly found now as i look:

Milk: $4.00 a gallon.

Loaf of bread: $5.00

Lunch meat: $4.89 15 oz

Cereal: $4 to $6 or $7.50 for the big box

Here is a video i found on youtube from May 2013 below:

I know, i know, all you people from the mainland are going “holy crap!”. I am not freaking out, as these are close to the same prices i see here in stores in the UK all the time.  It is clear that food is going to be in my top 2 biggest expenses. It is already so not too much of a lifestyle change for me in this regard.

After wading through all the online ads of food stores and reading everyone’s posts about using coupons and shopping sales, i can see how this will save me a fair amount of money on my food costs. there is has to be local stuff i can get cheaper than at Safeway. I mean, it’s Hawaii, there has gotta be other ways to buy food.

Yes there is! Produce i am told can be had at really cheap prices at farmer’s markets. Below i have added a youtube video from the Hilo Farmer’s Market. This is the biggest one on the big island of Hawaii.

There are other farmer’s markets on the big island as well, they are just not as big. Waimea Town Farmers Market and the Waimea Homestead Farmers Market. The real cool thing about buying from farmer’s markets is the fact that you get fresh food and you help local farmers.

The big island of Hawaii also has “Honor System Farm Stands”

The the Big Island is covered with honor system farm stands where loads of produce are set on tables or even milk crates with an attached sign saying how much to leave in a box or something for your purchase. How cool of a place is that, that has these little stands?

So, in the end, Food is going to cost a bit. Yet, with a little creative shopping i think i could even end up with a lower food bill each month than i am paying now. WOO HOO!


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