Water Catchment In Hawaii

Well i am back with another surprise i have received as i prepare to move to Hawaii. Well, at least to prepare to go to Hawaii to start looking at houses.My latest surprise is water catchment systems instead of a public water hook up.

Having grown up up and down the East coast of the US, we always had either a well or public water as our water for the house. Never have really given this a sec thought when i was considering my move to Hawaii. I am now learning that there is not a public water supply to hook up to and that most have a water catchment system for house water.

This is not an issue for me at all. I am totally cool with saving rainwater. It’s just one less bill to pay each month. Not to even mention that if i had public water i would still be buying bottled water to drink.

A water catchment system is just a system to collect the rain water from your roof and save it in a water tank. This is pretty stright forward I really don’t think i need to go into too much detail about this.

But i have talked to a few friends about this and and they were grossed out buy the thought.

The first question that i am asked by friends when i talk about the water catchment system for water is “is it safe?”. The short answer is YES. Just like anything it has to be maintained. Basic guidelines say that you need to keep the collection areas clean of debris, kept clean similar to a swimming pool (keep junk out of the water), and although the State of Hawaii recommends cleaning for the sludge that develops on the bottom of the storage tank ever 3 years, i see myself doing it more often if it needs to be done.

The next question, is if i can drink that water? YES. The rain water is going to be much softer and natural than public water. This will be better for washing myself and my clothes. Although I will not drink this water myself (will use bottled water), this water will be more than safe to cook and wash with. I could just get a filtration thingy but i will look into that after i am there and settled.

Buying a house on the big island of Hawaii is a pretty enlightening thing.


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