Air Quality On The Big Island of Hawaii

Been trading emails with an agent in Hawaii to kinda help guide me as i start to pact up in the UK and over the next 6 months get me and all my crap to the big island.

This is when maybe i should really give thought to aiir quality on the big island of Hawaii. Another item i had not considered in my move to Hawaii. I guess i really belived i was moving to some mystical magical place were everything is story book perfect. That, even though there is not just one, but a few active volcanos, none of the Sulfur dioxide pumped out by them is in any way gonna effect the air. It’s Hawaii, the air quality was going to be like sucking pure oxygen. lol

Hawaii VOGKealakehe High School campus in the North Kona district of the island of Hawaii on the slopes of Hualalai. This was taken from the old Kona Airport looking northwest. Visibility is poor due to vog from Kilauea eruption.

Dude, reality check! The reality is that at times and in locations on the big island of Hawaii this stuff called VOG is an issue and can cause problems for people with beathing issues. VOG is made when oxides of sulfur from a volcano react with sunlight, oxygen and moisture. So what is the difference between VOG and Smog? For that answer i had to go to for the asnwer and here is it,

“Vog and smog are different. Vog is formed when sulfur oxides emitted by a volcano react with moisture to form an aerosol. The aerosol scatters light and so makes the vog visible. Smog is formed largely from the incomplete combustion of fuel, reacting with nitrogen oxides and ozone produced from carbon monoxide by reactions with sunlight. The result is also a visible aerosol.

When smog levels are high the sky looks yellowish grey because nitrogen oxides are yellow. In contrast, sulfur oxides are colorless and vog looks grey. Once vog dissipates, grey spots in the sky may for a time remain trapped in the inversion layer.

It is also important to note that the same chemicals are emitted from volcanoes as from cars.”

Ok, so its like living in downtown of any major city. But this VOG is more often than not on one side of the island and not the other. Upon exporling this matter further i found a site from the State of Hawaii Dept. of Health that had reports about the air quality in Hawaii, If you are thinking yourself to move to Hawaii i encourge you to check it out.

airVisit site from the State of Hawaii Dept. of Health

It appears that the west side of the island gets all the stuff from the volcano. I know its still happens on the east side of the island as well, but as of this very moment the east side is looking good. this could all change in a matter of mins. But for now I am looking for places on the east side.

So now everyone knows that just because its and island with a couple volcanoes in the middle of the Pacific Ocean that has only about 200,000 people living on it. The air could still be of a not so good quality


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