Bugs in Hawaii and other creepy crawlers

This does not bother me much but there are bugs in Hawaii and other creepy crawlers.

If you have issues with insects and other creepy crawlers this may not be a post you will wanna read. I myself have no issues with bugs. Well, except when they are eating up my garden. Here in the UK the big things as far as bugs that i have run into is spiders. Here in the UK spiders come in all shapes, sizes and colors. In Hawaii it appears that spiders are less of a worry than other creepy crawlers.

From what i have seen of what others have posted about the bugs in Hawaii they are everywhere. Here is a list of the most talked about bugs in Hawaii.


CENTIPEDES – Of all the bugs in Hawaii and other creepy crawlers, this is the one that i am the most creep-ed out about. Centipedes can grow to about 9 inches and love places that are warm. I seen more than a few posts talking at the giant Centipede in their bed or couch. They can and do bite and inject a poison, Many people are allergic to the centipedes poison.


SPIDERS – Again, spiders are everywhere and i have seem most people living in Hawaii talking about a few especially. The ominous Black Widow and the Brown Widow both is have seen mentioned alot. For those who don’t know both of these spider are commonly deadly. Then there is the Daring Jumping Spider aka. Bold Jumping Spider. This spider can jump 10 to 50 times their body length. They don’t bite commonly but if one were to bite, symptoms can include slight pain and localized redness of the skin but that’s about it. Still, it is a spider.


MOSQUITOES – Been there and got the t-shirt! Of course i don’t really think that anyone needs any elaboration on mosquitoes. But the advice i have seen on dealing with them has mostly been common knowledge info. Do not allow stagnant water to collect around your house.


ANTS – A bunch of types of ants, including the Fire Ant. The Fire Ant is called a Fire Ant because when it bites you it feels like you have been burned. If they bite you while sleeping, they can bite you several times and you might not know it. In extreme cases or say if one is allergic,  you can suffer anything from a rash to going into shock.


COCKROACHES – In Hawaii like alot of other places there are Cockroaches. Not really a big deal unless you leave food out or live in messy conditions. The cockroach is not a serious safety issue, but they are a cleanliness issue. Yet, Cockroaches are another one of the bugs in Hawaii and other creepy crawlers.


GECKOS – Geckos are not native to the Hawaiian islands and its not really sure which were brought by the Polynesians when they first arrived at the islands but there are now 7 different types of geckos. The one i found to coolest looking is the Orange-spotted Day Gecko. A gecko in the household is said to bring good luck to the house and on the flip side, killing a gecko is to cause bad luck for the household. Everyone in Hawaii should have much respect for the gecko because eating its weight in insects is only one reason, Also because it looks very much like the powerful Aumakua, the mo’o. An Aumakua is a family god that appears as a moʻo, a lizard, or dragon.


FROGS AND TOADS – The very big toad Bufo Marinus is the one that i am the most worried about. It releases a poison from these glands behind the ears, this poison can be deadly to pets and in some people it can cause them to become sick.


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