Volunteer Work Opportunities in Hawaii

Just what are the volunteer work opportunities in Hawaii? I am sure there is the usual picking up trash type of volunteer work of course. But what about other exciting volunteer work on the big island of Hawaii?

As anyone who knows me well will tell you, i am kinda into doing volunteer work. I have found that doing volunteer work is an amazing way to meet people and do something to make things better for another.


I have lived in Romania for 12 years and i did a fair amount of volunteer work. I really learned most about the culture from my days doing volunteer work in Romania. My volunteer work also allowed me to travel all over Romania from one corner to the other.

But what are my chances of doing volunteer work in Hawaii? What kind of volunteer work is there that one could do if they lived on the big island of Hawaii? for the answers i seek i am heading to the internet.

It appears there are a good number of volunteer jobs in Hawaii. I see alot of pay to volunteer jobs out there. Pay to volunteer? I guess if you wanna volunteer in Hawaii and you have no place to stay it makes sense. I am not looking to pay to volunteer so i guess i should just remove them from the list, unless of course someone wants to pay me to advertise for them… didn’t think so.

When i first starting giving thought to volunteering my time in Hawaii, the first i thought of was doing volunteer work at Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park. Just the thought of working close to a volcano just seems like a thrill.

 Hawai‘i Wildlife Center. They are looking for volunteers to transport sick or injured animals. It is kinda a call when needed job. You will just be driving animals where they need to go. If you have a plane and are a pilot then they are looking for you as well. I think it’d be cool to ride along in a small plane from Hawaii island to another. The view would make the work worthwhile.

Hawaii Wildlife Fund Dedicated to conservation of Hawaii’s native wildlife through research, education and advocacy. I gotta tell you that when i went to their website to read about volunteering,  it said:  “Learn about the marine environment while snorkeling or whale watching with our naturalists,..” Snorkeling or whale watching? I am sold!

Kohala Watershed Partnership. They are involved in ecosystem protection and restoration. They need people to do all kinds of stuff like pull weeds or invasive species, build fences, plant native species and more. Looks like it would really be a fun way to learn about Hawaii and the plants and animals that live there.

Now before someone asks,  why if i had worked with people as a volunteer before, did i not list these types of volunteer work opportunities in Hawaii? the answer is really pretty simple. I would like to volunteer doing something else. After doing volunteer work in Romania both working with people and repairing computers for poor schools, it took a toll on me and I just would like to work with nature for a while.

These are just a few of the volunteer work opportunities in Hawaii i found interesting. There are really many, many more.

Please be aware that none of the places i named, or linked to, in my post, in any way endorse me or this blog at all.


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