Homeowners Insurance in Hawaii – What The Heck!

All i can say as i try and work out homeowners insurance in Hawaii is “WHAT THE HECK??!!”

This has to be the most twisted, mixed up, ass backwards thing i have ever seen. I say this as one who has lived in Romania for 12 years and the UK for 2. There is no really easy way to work out what you get with homeowners insurance on the big island. there is so much fine print that lets the insurance company off the hook that one should hire a lawyer to know really just what you are getting. I mean, the damn fine print is written by lawyers for lawyers anyway. How the heck are anyone without a law degree to understand it?

First thing that strikes me as i started learning about this homeowners insurance thing, is the number of posts urging caution when buying homeowners insurance in Hawaii. The big island of Hawaii can have: Earthquakes, Hurricanes, Floods, Tsunamis, Lava flows, Forest fires, just to name the big ones.

And most homeowners insurance does not cover these, or as it appears anything that even can be called one of this natural disasters. To cover these types of claims you have to buy special coverage for each of them. More than one of them is required for homeowners insurance anyway. But, even then, what they cover is another list of options rules, disclaimers.

Then you have the issue of lava flow zones. I mentioned in a earlier post about the Hawaii lave flow map. On the lava flow map there are zones 1 and 2. In these zones alot of companies will not cover you. Really, if you live in a zone 1, good luck getting homeowners insurance. The only insurance company outside of Hawaii,i found the will insure a zone 1 property is Lloyd’s of London. Oh, and their rate was ££££!

There is the Hawaii Property insurance Association that offers insurance on homes up to a value of $350,000.00. that will cover places in zones 1 and 2. So one can get covered.

All i can say is that even after days of research and reading, i still and just as confused as when i started. homeowners insurance is not something i am going to be clear on until i am in Hawaii and see what people i meet there tell me.

On a happy note: It looks like i am going to be able to leave a little sooner than i had planned!


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