Crime in Hawaii

Crime in Hawaii is a subject I thought to explore as I STILL try and get my head around Homeowners Insurance in Hawaii .


The latest topic of conversation between me and people that find out i am moving to Hawaii, is the topic of crime. Friends and others have been hitting me with questions about the story in the media saying that the FBI is searching the big island’s eastern district of Puna plus the tiny town of Pahoa (ironically, this is the area i am considering buying a place). The FBI is in Hawaii hunting for The leading domestic terror suspect.  I have no reason to not think this shows how bad crime is in Hawaii. In fact I really could not care less about this.

When I get past the FBI in Hawaii news, the topic directly moves to crime. No matter how i try and talk about the miles of undeveloped land at elevations where you can see far out to sea, or about the turtles nesting on beaches, or anything, other than crime, it will always come back to a conversation about crime on the big island of Hawaii.

People are constantly telling me what they had “heard” about crime in Hawaii. Here is a few of the popular ones that my friends here in the UK hit me with:

  • Oh, there is no crime and it really is paradise!
  • There is so little crime cause everybody knows everybody else.
  • Native Hawaiians dislike white people and they beat them up, and take advantage of them.

As i always do when confronted with “what people heard”, I had to take to the internet and see what i find for myself. This is of no surprise if you are following my little blog thing i got going here. How i am i going to get the truth about the crime in Hawaii situation?

In order to find what crime in Hawaii like, I went to The State of Hawaii’s “Crime in Hawaii 2012 (Annual)” Found at:

FYI: This is the latest one I found at the time of publishing this post.

Here is what I quickly found in its report on the site i listed above, “Hawaii County’s total Index Crime rate increased 10.3% in 2012.  Hawaii County’s violent crime rate decreased 15.2%, while the property crime rate increased 12.9%.  Hawaii County’s total Index, violent, and property crime rates in 2012 were the lowest in the State of Hawaii.”

Basicly in case you did not get what was said above, or do not want to go and see the stats for yourself.

Violent Crimes: rape, murder, muggings, etc.  For 2012 the number of reported violent crime in Hawaii county was 222.6. This was a 15.2% drop from 2011. This can only be seen as a good thing!

BUT.. There is almost always a but.

Property Crimes: robbery, theft, shoplifting, vandalism, etc.  In 2012 the number of reported property crimes in Hawaii county was 2,843.8. This was a 10.3%  increase from 2011.  If shoplifting alone is the cause of this increase, it is not of major concern to me.

To be honest here, there is only 189,191 people that are residences of the county of Hawaii. This means it is a pretty low crime rate. You can do the math yourself, but it puts it well below the national average.

The fact remains that I came of age in the Washington D.C. metro area during the 1980’s and remained there till 2001 when i moved to Romania. I just cant see crime being any kind of a major worry for me in Hawaii.


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