Electric Costs In Hawaii

On the subject of electric costs in Hawaii, let me just get my shock out before i get into this post…   HOLY SMOKES!!!


the cost of electric in Hawaii is the highest in the nation. There is not even really a close 2nd. The power company says it’s because they don’t have any nearby utility companies from which to draw power from in the event of a problem. Another factor is it is an island and any fuel for a power plant must be shipped into the area.

In 2012 the power company says that the advantage price per kWh was $0.48. See why the “HOLY SMOKES!!” at the start? I used the figure from 2012 as it was easy to find and i do not believe that the costs have changed so dramatically.

Yeah so, What can i do to reduce my electric consumption? Solar panels, wid turbine, not turn on a tv ever in the house? Well, i There are a few things i can do. But,  I do expect my electric bill to be at least $125.00 a month minimum.

At the very least, if not already in the house i buy, a solar hot water heater. I have already started looking into costs for this, again only if not already installed.  Solar hot water heaters come in 2 types, Active or Passive.

An Active System, (pump system)  has flat collectors on the roof and a some kind of storage tank that is located below in the house. For the hot water produced to get to the tank, there must be a small pump and a controller to dictate when the pump turns on. This less efficient than a passive System.

Passive Systems (thermo-syphon) have no moving parts and the tank sits on the roof with the collectors. As the hot water rises. The cold water falls. Simple principle of physics is what makes it work.

Hawaii is the first state in the country that requires installation of solar water heaters on new single-family homes. Buy a new home in Hawaii and it will have a solar hot water heater.

Solar panels known as photovoltaic Solar and  PV systems, make solar electricity through modules often installed on the roof wired to an inverter to convert 24 volt power to 110. In Hawaii if your advantage electric bill is $150 a month, an 4 KW photovoltaic system would eliminate an electric bill altogether!

A 4 KW photovoltaic solar system would cost about $20,000 to buy and install. This is a buttload of money! But if you keep in mind that the tax credits are enormous at: 30% federal, and 35% state, The tax credits on a 4 KW photovoltaic solar system would roughly be $12,500, making  your net cost after credits would be $7500, Pays for itself in lass than 8 year. Worth it? Uh, YEAH!

Wind turbine electrical systems can be  a big pain in the but. Zoning laws and rules prohibit wind turbines in many neighborhoods and can be more costly than solar. Not even considering this option due to the pain in the neck rules and costs.




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