Less Than 30 Days Untill I Move to Hawaii

The excitement is building day by day. Now with less than 30 days until i move to Hawaii the excitement is almost unbearable.


I have given away, or sold, just about everything i own here in the UK. I am today in the process of getting 2 bags that i am going to bring with me on the plane to within their 50lbs weight limit.  This is not easy! I think i can get it done with now real loss of what i want with me. I am just going to need to use a carry on as well.  Some things like the long underwear i just am throwing away. Will i really need this in Hawaii?

Then we have my bike. I know that i could get a new bike in Hawaii and selling it might be a better idea. I AM NOT SELLING MY BIKE!


So, i am trying to make sure that my bike box is within the desired  69in. – Length x 8.5in. – Width x 33.5 Height. Maybe i should not have passed my tape measure on so fast..?

Yeah, all and all, I am very excited to go. It does not seem real at the same time i know i am leaving and it really is less than 30 days until i move to Hawaii.



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