First thing touristy I will do in Hawaii

With 2 weeks to go until my big move to Hawaii i have been giving alot of thought to what the first thing touristy I will do in Hawaii. The good thing is that by fly through the USA to get to Hawaii instead of Asia, is that i will be able to leave, fly 20 hours and arrive in Hilo all in the same day. This is going help alot with jet lag.

The first thing touristy I will do in Hawaii, will be joining the Merrie Monarch Festival. The Merrie Monarch Festival  is named (as i understand)  for the King David Kalakaua. King David Kalakaua was a Hawaiian leader from the 19th century who had the nickname, “the Merrie Monarch”. This was because of passion for music and dance.

The Merrie Monarch Festival  is a week long festival and i am jumping into the middle of it!

It is a 51-year-old week long celebration of ancient and modern hula dancing. Groups come from all over to show off their hula dancing skills.

Cant see how this could not be fun!

My 2nd 1st choice is snorkeling at Keaukaha Beach Park or Richardson Beach Park. I just wanna get in the water and float around without a care in the world for a while. I have been away from a really nice beach so long that, at this point its all i can think about.

There are many touristy things to do. Many i will do on a regular basis after i get settled in on the big island.  For example:

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park is going to be a big place for me. As one who enjoys, wayy to much, riding a bike, there are miles of bike trails for me there. Plus, it is right next to an active volcano. lol

Akaka Falls State Park is a relaxing way to spend a day. I am sure i will be hiking every inch of this park.

Coffee Plantation tours are another on my list of “activities” i will regularly be enjoying. I am going to be buying all my coffee here anyway, might as well take the tour. Even in Bucuresti, i was buying Kona Gold Coffee when i found it.

I am allowing myself 2 days to adjust to Hawaiian life. Remember, i have been living in Europe for 13 years.

Even though this post is about the first thing touristy i will do in Hawaii, What i am going to be doing most of the time for a while is mostly just going to be looking at houses and attending auctions. Not at all as glamorous as as vacation to Hawaii. It is still the reality of moving to Hawaii.

Life on the big island still boils down to “reality” based requirements. For me, the main thing i must accomplish is buying a house. This is really where the major amount of my concern is at the moment.

More later.






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