Can I go to Hawaii Now?!

Still a lot of time before my flight and i just keep myself from asking everyone “can i go to Hawaii now?!”. At this point i have even stopped looking at pics and websites about Hawaii. Well, except for the home listing sites of course.

Have found a house i just adore in Puna that just came on the market. It is perfect with room to expand on. an acre of land in a lush tropical environment. Will it still be there when i arrive in a couple of weeks? We can sure hope it will be.

This house i have found just increases my excitement to get to Hawaii!

I did manage to find a place to stay even though it is a busy time in April in the Hilo area. Hoping to be able to find a short-term rental within a week. I hope i am not too overly optimistic.

So, I have done my leg work. Got a plan based on facts as i can find them through phone calls and internet exploring…

OH! OH! I found a really super deal on my flight. Leaving London at 08:30 economy class. 8 hours with the sheep i guess.. lol Then from Newark To Hilo is Business class. 12 hours with the shepherds. lol. WOO-HOO! it will be my first trip anywhere business class. It is not first class, but still a major upgrade from economy class.


So is it too much to ask, can i go to Hawaii now?!




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