The real adventure of moving to Hawaii

I know i have not posted much`for a while now. But here is all the real adventure of moving to Hawaii

The real adventure of moving to Hawaii started as i caught a car service to London Heathrow airport terminal 4 Holiday inn. Great driver sat in the back of a mini-van and relaxed. It was like being in the back of an over sized limo. The driver was Polish i think but a hell of a nice guy. I was never at any point nervous about his driving.

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The hotel was alright. It was the same as every other Holiday Inn anywhere else in the world. But, as i was out front smoking a cig. This dude came up to me and asked me for a cig. This dude just would not take no for an answer. Got really pissed off that i would not give him a smoke. I just started laughing which just made him even more mad. After calling me all kinds of names he went on his merry, (or not so merry.)

Next day it was the flight to Hawaii at 8:30am. No problems taking my bike, but for the over sized charge. ERRRR! Got on the plane and away we went. Got on the plane and went to the poor people seats in the back of the plane. (you know what i mean, right?) Was not even in my seat 3mins when there was an announcement about upgrading to the poor, but not real poor seat (premium economy) asked how much it was and of course it was more than i could afford to spend. So had to turn it down. But, just as i was getting used to having my knees jammed into the back of the seat in front of me, A flight attendant came and said that i was being moved up to the not real poor seats for free. UPGRADE!


As we were flying over the atlantic i glanced out the window on the right side and noticed that the ocean was frozen over. It was soo cool to see and a little freaky. Never seen a frozen ocean before. I found myself just grooving on the whole thing. Till it was time to go through immigration and customs. Always have i hated to go through these two check points.

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Newark to LAX this part of the trip was in 1st class. Oh yeah! after 7 hours in the not real poor seats the real adventure of moving to Hawaii was looking pretty good. And feeling just as good. Ah to be able to eat and drink all the way to LAX with a big screen monitor and private seats. What a pleasure that was.

I have flown from New York to LAX a couple of times. But never had my flight passed by so fast. I did not even feel like i was on a plane at all. As we flew over New Mexico i looked down and the view again had me mesmerized. The view of the New Mexico from 39,000 feet was just amazing and i found my self spending a super long time just looking out the window. Really, it did not look real.

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Ok,  here we are in LAX. First let me say that BANK OF AMERICA CAN KISS MY HAIRY BUTT!! I try to hit a money machine for some cash and bam! “password incorrect” What the heck???? Long story shortened, when i did get to Hawaii and call Bank of America to find out what was up. They told me that i have a 6 digit pin code and that the 4 digit pin code will not work in the states.  During my 13 years in Europe Bank of America had told me to use a 4 digit pin code. How was i to remember that 6 digit pin code? To this day this is still an issue.

Standing in line at LAX there was a guy talking about his chickens. In full and complete details he explained all about a chicken’s egg laying process and how much better the eggs taste. I for a moment flashed back to Romania. I was reminded of waiting for a Maxi-Taxi (a big van with seats that is like a bus) looking at all the people who would carry chickens and other animals they bought at market in Bucuesti and were transporting home in the countryside. It just seemed kinda unreal to be in LAX listening to a guy talk about his chickens.


On the plane, again, last flight to Hilo Hawaii. This is the long-awaited flight. My excitement level was so strong i could not even contain it. Lucky for me i was pretty cool to being exastuted. Though the staff and everything was great. The sad part was that the movies were the same as all the other flights and so there was noting really for me to watch and get into, to pass the time. Super loooong flight. I really felt that we were never going to get to Hilo.

We are starting our final approach into Hilo international airport. Now even the fact that i am exhausted cannot contain my excitement! Being in the 2nd row i was 4-5 off the plane. I could barely walk. As i was getting off the plane the first thing to hit me was the heat. Now let me be clear. It was not hot, it was warm and coming from the UK was it was still cold, i know i was “not in Kansas any more.” The next thing to strike me was the smell of the air as i walked out of the airport. The air had a sweet smell. Not so much flowers, but it was sweet none the less.

Found a taxi straight away that could handle me and my bike. To my hotel, please. Maholo.




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