Been A Year But I’m Still Here!!

Yeah I suck at this blog thing. It’s like every time I get bored I head here to my blogs. Yes, BLOGS. I do have more than one. lol

So flash forward for  almost a year.

Bought a house, got an ok deal. Stayed under my $200,000.oo limit.

Lived through Hurricane Iselle. Yeah no hurricanes hit Hawaii for years. I move to Hawaii and there is a major Hurricane (by Hawaii standards). No electric here for 3 weeks. Damn Albiza Trees!

Hurricane1 Hurricane2 Hurricane3 Hurricane4

I have so far survived the June 27th Lava flow. Almost cut off all of lower Puna from the outside world. I had to really get ready for that. It’s “stalled” now, but who knows for how long.

Lava1 Lava2 lava3 lava4

Bought a new car (this a story I really should share). Another time maybe.

Bought a 5kw grid tied solar system… This I want to share fully and completely.


This Solar System Installer I had.. Still have! Pro Solar Hawaii. I have nothing good to say about them. What should have been a experience to be proud of, its been a horror.

I wish I had never bought my grid tied solar system from Pro Solar Hawaii. If you Live on the big Island of Hawaii, or are planning to move here and buy a house and have a solar system installed, STAY AWAY FROM PRO SOLAR HAWAII!! Of all the worthless advice I give here, Please believe me this is not worthless advice.

I am going to start a new post. I need to post the full details. This post will be called: Review: Pro Solar Hawaii  Click over and give it a read today!


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