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Quick review:  Run away from Pro Solar Hawaii As fast as you can!

Pro Solar Hawaii seemed like a good company on the face. Went to their site, A+ Better Business Bureau accreditation This is a plus. Lots of great reviews on the Pro Solar Hawaii site, Think they are fake ones, based on my experience with Pro Solar Hawaii. Great sales guy, not doubt, he is good at sales. But, this is about all I have good to say about Pro Solar Hawaii. But, let me tell you a story about my experience buying a solar system from Pro Solar Hawaii.

Please note: This is my experience as I can prove with real physical evidence, and am living it. Pro Solar Hawaii does not agree with my account.

First let me say that I filed a complaint with Better Business Bureau and it is Complaint: 10558906 You can see all of Pro Solar Hawaii’s responses and all my filings in this matter at the BBB website:


Pro Solar Hawaii,as noted on the business card they provided to me located at 68-1845 Walkoloa Road, Suite 106 PMB 145, Walkoloa, Hawaii 96738, or,  74-5565 Luhia Street, #105, Kailua-Kona, Hawaii 96704 which is the address provided by Better Business Bureau and their website as Pro Solar Hawaii’s current address. I might add there are other addresses for them I later found out. I initially contacted Pro Solar in June, 2014 requesting information about purchasing a solar system for my home located on the big island of Hawaii. I spoke with Mr. Brayton Anthony (cool dude.), a salesman for Pro Solar Hawaii and an appointment was arranged at my home. Present at the meeting with Mr. Anthony was myself and my mother. Mr. Anthony explained in detail to us how the system would work, how it would be installed and the exact procedures from start to completion. Both my mother and I asked numerous questions relevant to the operation of the system and about the reputation of Pro Solar Hawaii. Mr. Anthony answered all of our questions to our satisfaction (dude is the salesman though). He then sent me a proposal by mail on July 30, 2014. I accepted the proposal on July 31, 2014 for a 5.12kw PV solar system which Pro Solar Hawaii would supply and install at a total cost of $ 19,995.00. Pro Solar Hawaii will provide all materials, hardware, supplies, permits and supervision to install a complete working solar system. I received a letter from HELCO (Hawaii Electric Light Company) dated August 19, 2014 which stated, in part, that my application for a net metering agreement had been accepted, the circuit capacity for the size of the system applied for had been reserved in the NEM queue and that my application was placed in their pending files. .

Mr. Anthony contacted me by phone to tell me of the HELCO approval and that the Pro Solar Hawaii installation engineers would contact me to begin installation of the system. At that time I inquired of Mr. Anthony about documents relating to owner’s manuals, warranty and Federal/State rebates.   I was told that information would be forthcoming. I heard nothing from Pro Solar Hawaii until they called to tell me installation would begin on October 10, 2014 and the Pro Solar installation engineers began installing the solar panels and invertor on that date. When they completed the installation, I asked for details about the system, specifically whether I could turn the system on or whether I had to wait for HELCO to install a new meter, as Mr. Anthony had described to me and as verified in HELCO’s August 19, 2014 letter. The engineers told me the system was on and I was to leave the system on and the current meter would run backwards to credit my usage. I asked how I would know that the invertor was working and he showed me the invertor and told me it showed that it was in working order. When I asked about the owner’s manual, warranty certificate, the engineer said I should have already received them and that he would let the owner know that they were never given to me. I paid the final amount due by check to the installation engineers, but did not receive a receipt as I had previously received for the other installments. From the time of the installation, I have not realize any savings from the system.

On October 29, 2014, I emailed Mr. Anthony again requesting the owner’s manual, warranty certificate and rebate information. I also told him that I was concerned that I was not seeing any savings or that the system was producing energy. I did not receive a response to this email, nor any subsequent emails. At this point I was beginning to feel as if I had been scammed and neither emails nor phone calls to Pro Solar Hawaii were providing me with any information. My next contact with Pro Solar was on January 12, 2015. Without any prior arrangement, Ryan Thompson, the owner of Pro Solar Hawaii came to my home and wanted to do work on the system. I asked him to explain to me what he was doing, but he only told me that the power would be turned off for approximately an hour while he worked on the invertor. I again asked about the owner’s manual, warranty certificate and did not receive a reply.   I also asked about not seeing any savings on my electric bill within the 3 months the system had been installed. Mr. Thompson told me that HELCO must be rejecting my feed into the grid and upon my questioning what needed to be done, he did not elaborate as to what would be the solution.

After working for approximately 10 minutes on the system, he told me that the invertor was not working because there was a part missing, of which he was not previously aware. He told me that he would return on January 14, 2015 to install the missing part. January 14, 2015 came and went, and Mr. Thompson did not show up, nor did I receive any phone call or email to say he would not arrive and to arrange another date. Based on Mr. Thompson’s statement to me that he believed HELCO was rejecting my feed into the grid, I contacted HELCO. They explained to me that the system was definitely not to be turned on until such time as HELCO changed the meter, and that the present meter would not run backwards. When asked when they would install the meter, I was told by HELCO that we were in a queue. To date, the new meter has not been installed because Pro Solar Hawaii has not met the installation criteria set forth by HELCO. The criteria are project installation,submittal to HELCO of confirmation of County of Hawaii inspection approval and verification of invertor set point changes. None of these criteria have so far been met and Helco has a 12 month deadline for completion of the criteria.

It should be noted that Pro Solar did apply for a permit for installation from the County of Hawaii, but did not receive a final inspection approval. Based on this application, the assessment on my home and property was increased and I have been taxed accordingly, even though the system is not in operation.

On January 16, 2015, I discovered that the installation workmanship was not in accordance with what we were told by Mr. Anthony at the time I purchased the system. He told me that no hardware would be exposed and they would be installed inside my attic. He told us that all we would see on the roof would be the racks and panels. This is clearly not the case, as there are exposed screws on the roof and overhang; some of the screws have split the wood on the overhang and never repaired. It also appears that the racks were installed at an angle instead of straight. Thus, I am not at all pleased with the quality of workmanship I have so far received from Pro Solar Hawaii.  The installation does not look professionally done. At first I just assumed this was correct. many people told me it is not.

Notice how panels are attached to roof.
Now notice how the first screw was correct. Every screw after that is a little further from the correct install point.
Here is a wider view with more screws in the pic.
This pic shows how the wood was split and exposed to the Humid Puna Hawaii weather, which includes a fair amount of blowing rain.

Again, time passed with no contact from Pro Solar Hawaii and I was experiencing a great deal of frustration because i could not understand why, at that point, more than 6 months had passed since we purchased the system and our investment was producing nothing. Further, we felt it was unconscionable that Pro Solar Hawaii was not keeping us apprised of the progress of the installation. All contacts were instigated on our part, without any positive results. My mother had become particularly distraught because Pro Solar Hawaii had received the total cost of $19,995.00 in cash as they had requested, and she felt there was no incentive or sense of urgency for Pro Solar Hawaii to complete the work on our contract. She began to feel worried that Pro Solar Hawaii was taking advantage of us and that we made a huge misjudgment by contracting with Pro Solar Hawaii to install our solar system.

On February 3, 2015, I emailed Pro Solar and expressed my dissatisfaction with the work they had done, and citing our outstanding issues with them. Because I was unable to get a satisfactory response as to the status of our contract, I informed Pro Solar Hawaii that they should only contact me in writing by mail or email, and they were not to come to my property without prior arrangement in writing.

I sent Pro Solar Hawaii a certified letter reiterating my email to Pro Solar Hawaii, 74-5565 Luhia Street, #105, Kailua-Kona, Hawaii 96704 which is the address provided by Better Business Bureau and their website as Pro Solar Hawaii’s current address. The letter was returned to me as unclaimed and unable to forward by the Post Office.

On February 4, 2015, I received an email from Mr. Anthony that Mr. Thompson wanted to come to my home the following day to get my system working. I did not receive the email until late that evening and I immediately replied to Mr. Anthony by email that I did not want Mr. Thompson to work on my system until I could arrange to have a qualified third party present to monitor the work being done on my system. At that point, I no longer felt any confidence in the quality of work or in what I was being told by Pro Solar hawaii.

In this email, I also listed my issues concerning the owner’s manual, warranty certificate. I received no response to that email. The next day, February 5, 2015, at approximately 1 PM, Mr. Thompson arrived unexpectantly at my home, having ignored my request that a prior arrangement be made, and this made me feel very slighted and angry. I asked Mr. Thompson to leave my property. He retreated to the street in front of my home and attempted to converse with me, even though I was inside my home. I told him I would call the police if he did not leave, he attempted to call my bluff, and only when he saw me on the phone did he leave. It is my belief that, if I had not been home at the time he arrived, Mr. Thompson would have most probably entered my property without my permission, after being informed he could not do so.

Since that time and to the date of this posting, I have received absolutely no emails from Pro Solar hawaii. It appears they are making no effort to provide a working system as agreed to in our contract. Nor have they yet to provide me with the owner’s manual, warranty certificate and rebate information.



It has been 6 months since I purchased this system, paid for in total by cash, and I have realized no savings on my electric bill. I did not contract for sloppy workmanship and unreasonable installation delay. I feel that the final payment for my system should not have been requested by Pro Solar Hawaii until the system could be proven to be up and running.

Their lack of communication and concern to complete our contract is totally unacceptable, very deceptive and highly unprofessional. The stress caused by Pro Solar Hawaii’s negligence cannot be adequately measured, and we should not have been placed in a position by Pro Solar Hawaii to feel as if we has been treated so unfairly.

Side note about Pro Solar Hawaii: I was not shocked to find at the time of posting this, that it appers there is another  complaint. This one is for another business but owned by the same person.

Regulated Industries Complaints Office
235 S. Beretania Street
8th and 9th Floors
Honolulu, HI 96813
Tel: 808.587.4272


COMPLAINT NO:  CLB- 2013- 0294L  


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