Still problems with Pro Solar HawaII!

Today 2/28/2018 13:43 HST Ryan Thompson and Pro solar Hawaii did the most desperate, idiotic, childish, dumb thing I have ever personally experienced a sole proprietor of a business do.  But, lets have a brief review of what lead up to this big event.

First off, Ryan Thompson is the sole proprietor of Pro solar Hawaii a company I contracted with to install a PV solar system on my house. Just so we’re clear on the matter,  if you have not followed this blog and just found this page.

Out of the blue, back at the end of May 2017 Ryan Thompson of Pro solar Hawaii decided he/they had issue with my posts about his company from 2015.. that’s right, long ago. Both on this blog and my other reviews of the service he offered as a licensed contractor in the state of Hawaii, on yelp, etc. He posted a extremely slanderous and highly defamatory comment about me that was so untrue, and shocking, and so gross yelp removed it.  It was not in response to my review of his service, it was on a review i made of another business on yelp. He pestered that business so much with his extremely slanderous and highly defamatory comment. I really am shocked they didn’t have a lawyer send him letters.

But he does not stop there.. oh, NO! He started posting even worse extremely slanderous and highly defamatory comments to this very blog. Stuff so bad it would have had search engines label this very blog as a porn/ adult site, had it been searched by the bots in the very short time it was posted. Were not just talking about one comment either. There were many of them here on the blog.

At this point the extremely slanderous and highly defamatory comments from this blog and Yelp had to be handled by an attorney. It was well beyond just delete or ignore. The attorney was adamant that what Ryan Thompson of Pro solar Hawaii did was a clear case of Defamation “per se”. This is a very serious rule in law. It is a type of slander or libel under the law that allows for lawsuits of the claim without the need to show damages, or that anyone else ever read it! That’s something to really ponder.. (nervous lol here) So, yes there’s still problems with Pro Solar Hawaii!


It was suggested at my attorney’s office to take the case to a courtroom. But I decided to just have a cease and desist letter for now to see if that would get him to stop. I have 2 years from the first offence to be in a court room with him for my defamation damages. My attorney at that time advised me that the best way to get Ryan Thompson of Pro solar Hawaii to stop this vile extremely slanderous and highly defamatory harassment is to just delete the posts. Not because I have posted anything unlawful or defamatory of Ryan Thompson, but because that’s the best way to get him to stop. Also, that I should stop my on going review of Pro solar Hawaii’s service as it is/was my experience – real life. Again, yes, there’s still problems with Pro Solar Hawaii!

Ryan Thompson of Pro solar Hawaii sadly did not stop.  Yet, I have not kept this blog updated of all the things I have found wrong with his service, or even the huge events that will prove my pending case against Pro solar Hawaii and/or Ryan Thompson. This of course if Ryan Thompson and/or Pro solar Hawaii and myself cannot come to a settlement before then. I’m hopeful. But not holding my breath.

Moving right along. On Sunday  2/25/2017 I received a voicemail, and sad drama filled emails. The thing that is the funniest/sad about these emails is that Ryan Thompson of Pro solar Hawaii has lied to me sooooo much… you get the idea.

His ultimate goal, was not to solve the issues with his atrocious install of the PV system on my home. It was to get me to remove these blog posts that is a review of Pro solar Hawaii’s service. Forget that the guy attempts to call me by phone even after being told repeatedly in writing, not to call/txt me, all contact is to be in writing.

Though, I did offer him a pathway to settle with me on this blog. I also used clear, easy to understand words, as to what the pathway forward was to settle my claim of defamation “per se”. I did not get any response “yea” or “nay”.. nothing. Which is ok. I’m in no way sure, confident, whatever ya wanna call it. He would honor a settlement that did not include a judge and a courtroom behind it.

Back to today 2/28/2018 and the most desperate, idiotic, childish, dumb thing I have ever personally experienced a sole proprietor of a business do. Ryan Thompson of Pro solar Hawaii, I’m guessing in a rage, or maybe desperation, who the heck knows how this guy thinks?! Decides to go to a police station and bother them with his irritation. Or, upsetness of his big mean customer’s little ole blog detailing just how screwed up the install of his PV system on his customer’s house is. Also, what its been like to deal with Ryan Thompson and Pro solar Hawaii.

I swear! Ya, cant make this stuff up….. I get a call from a very professional police officer telling me basically that Ryan Thompson is complaining about my blog and its posts. Of course it was not a matter that the police deal with and that it must be handled in a civil case. But what a waste of the polices time and money. D’uh! how does a business owner not know this???? Check out my review of Pro solar Hawaii’s service if you just stumbled on this post. Know that all the information including the most important information is not posted here. This is because of the pending case against Ryan Thompson and Pro solar Hawaii. Its just better not to reveal all your cards before they are ready to play.

Darn right, there is still problems with Pro solar Hawaii!

To read more of my issues with Pro Solar Hawaii on the new blog dedicated just to this matter: A journal of dealing with Pro Solar Hawaii from a ripped off customer.


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