55th Annual Merrie Monarch 2018

The Merrie Monarch Festival is always a very busy time in Hilo every year. This year will be the 55th year this festival has been held. If you have never heard of, don’t know what the Merrie Monarch Festival is. It is what I call a festival of Hula. I understand that’s for people who practice hula, it is like the world championship of hula competition. It is really a fascinating festival to participate in. Even if it’s just to watch the events or, shop.

Now that I have lived in Hawaii for a few years, It now understand it really is the most wonderful time of the year here on the Big island of Hawaii. I must confess that I do not have the time to attend all the events or see all the live Hula dances. I have to tell you that if your idea of Hula is a smoking hot female dancing around in a grass skirt with a coconut bra, you really need to educate yourself. lol Hula is really story telling through dance. At least that’s how see it. I also really dig the music that goes with it. The blend of sound with the Ipu and the chants when I close my eyes makes me feel as though I have transported back in time.

There is more than just hula at Merrie Monarch Festival. There are phenomenal food and craft vendors. One of my favorites of all the vendors are the handmade flower and Ti leis. The colors and smells just take you to a magical place emotionally. For me, the best leis are the plumiria ones. The white and yellow plumiria are just a pleasing color combination. Then there’s the smell. If a lei of plumiria flowers around your neck, and the smell they give off, does not make you feel tranquil.. There must be something wrong..lol

The food. Ohhhh, the food. Living here on the Big Island of Hawaii, the traditional Hawaiian foods are always available. But nothing like the offerings at Merrie Monarch Festival. With everything I normally eat during the festival, I gain 8 pounds of weight per day, I attend the festival. Best tasting weight you will ever put on. lol About the only traditional food I am not a fan of is Poi. No matter how much I try eating it. I cannot get the thought of elementary school library paste.

Every year when it’s Merrie Monarch Festival time, all the hotels fill up. It can even be hard to find just a room for rent during Merrie Monarch Festival. There are people who arrive from all over the world. Lot’s of them! Not only do you have the Hula dancers from all of the world. You also have all the spectators coming to attend. It is really very rare that Hilo feels like a big city. But with the exception of when the cruise ships pull in to port and the passengers get off and explore. The Merrie Monarch Festival makes this small town feel huge! Part of the issue with getting a room is that the Hilo area does not have a lot of resorts or large number of hotels. Not many normally stay in Hilo, in my opinion, because there are not really big sand beaches to lay on in this area. I could be wrong of course.

It is an exciting time to be in Hilo Hawaii while the Merrie Monarch Festival takes place!

To end this novel,  if you would like to learn more about the 2017 Merrie Monarch Festival<- visit the Merrie Monarch Festival Site



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