Photo Credits

Many thanks to the people who have made their photos available to me.


Kealakehe High School campus in the North Kona district of the island of Hawaii on the slopes of Hualalai. This was taken from the old Kona Airport looking northwest. Visibility is poor due to vog from Kilauea eruption
“Kealakehe High
School campus”
W Nowicki
State of Hawaii Air Monitoring Website
“State of Hawaii
Air Monitoring Website”
Hawaii State Department
of Health
Hawaii Centipede
“centipede – red with
sow bugs slugs 1”
Rhinella marina
“Cane Toad, Rhinella marina”
Hawaii Gecko
“Gold dust day gecko in
Kailua Kona, Hawaii”
Hawaii spiders
“Pregnant Southern Black Widow”thefixer
Hawaii Cockroachs
“American Cockroach
(Periplaneta americana)”
Hawaii fire ant
“Dorsal view of ant” by April Nobile
Hawaii mosquito
“Aedes albopictus female mosquito”
“Spliff” Regi51
cannabis leaf
“Cannabis Leaf” Bogdan
cannabis leaf
“Guerilla Grower” Freetoast

Photos used under Creative Commons. Photograph licensor does not endorse me or this website.


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