Prosolar Hawaii Review

For when your thinking to buy a solar system in Hawaii from Prosolar Hawaii.


Review Prosolar Hawaii

I bought a solar system from Prosolar Hawaii. Worst company I have ever had the displeasure of working with. Prosolar Hawaii lied to me so many times, I no longer have/had any faith in what I was told on the phone, or in person.

To further give you something to think about, why, after repeatedly asking for all contact between us to be in writing, would this company, not do so? This has to make you think.

Use the links below to read about my Prosolar Hawaii experience.

Review: Prosolar Hawaii 4/16/2015

Pro Solar Hawaii seemed like a good company on the face. Went to their site, A+ Better Business Bureau accreditation This is a plus. Lots of great reviews on the Pro Solar Hawaii site, Think they are fake ones, based on my experience with Pro Solar Hawaii. Great sales guy, not doubt, he is good at sales. But, this is about all I have good to say about Pro Solar Hawaii. let me tell you a story about my experience buying a solar system from Pro Solar Hawaii.

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Review: Prosolar Hawaii 8/22/2015

I would like to thank J.C. for pointing out another blatant Pro Solar Hawaii LIE. It was pointed out to me that Prosolar Hawaii has prominently posted on their website that they are an “A+ BBB Accredited” business. As of this posting on 8/21/2015. The truth of the matter is pro solar Hawaii is neither a “A+” rated business by the BBB, but they are not even a BBB Accredited Business anymore! This is clear false advertising. Further proof also of my claim of fraud that I experienced when I bought solar system from Pro solar Hawaii.

Come Read: Review: Prosolar Hawaii



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